Cobalt is Online Platform’s custom WordPress theme which aligns with Syracuse University’s current look and feel for web content. This theme is distributed by the Division of Marketing and Communications to Syracuse University divisions, departments, and offices. Cobalt provides the following benefits:

  • Adheres to Syracuse University’s Brand Guidelines
  • Ensures content, design, and code adhere all accessibility  requirements
  • Responsively displays content across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Additionally, the theme is routinely tested in all modern web browsers. To request that the Cobalt theme be added to your site’s theme directory, please email The following documentation provides an overview for configuring a Cobalt site and using all of the theme features.

Homepage Overview

Cobalt homepage templateCobalt customization panel

1: Admin Toolbar

  • Available to the site administrator(s)
  • Login link: add /wp-admin/ to the end of the site’s URL
    • Example:

2: Header

  • Appearance > Customize > Site Identity
  • Site Title appears in site header
  • Tagline appears in browser tabs and bookmarks to the site

3: Top Nav

  • By default the page hierarchy
  • Optionally, Appearance > Menus > Primary Menu

4: Header Image and Content

  • Appearance > Customize
  • Preferred header image size: 3000 x 1120 pixels
    • Accessibility Tip: Your chosen header image should relate to your header content and provide additional context.

5: Call to Action

  • Appearance > Theme Options
  • Can be disabled or enabled

6: Header Cards

  • Pages > Edit Page > Featured Nav > Header
  • Card pulls thumbnail image, page title, and Featured Nav subheading
  • Optionally, card order may be controlled by Page Attributes > Order

7: Page Content

  • Appearance > Customize > Static Front Page
  • Front page displays: Your Latest Posts or a Static Page
  • Recent posts (sticky first) may still show up on Home page in a News & Headlines section by checking “Show News and Events on Front Page”
  • Optionally, “Upcoming Events” may be configured to automatically pull events from SU’s Events Calendar, set by Appearance > Theme Options

8: Footer Cards

  • Pages > Edit Page > Featured Nav > Footer
  • Card pulls thumbnail image and Featured Nav subheading
  • Optionally, card order may be controlled by Page Attributes > Order

9: Footer

  • Appearance > Customize > Footer
  • “© 2015 – Syracuse University. All Rights Reserved. • Accessibility | Privacy | Status |” is in the footer by default and cannot be modified
  • Add social media icons/links through Appearance > Customize > Social Icons


Interior Page Overview

Cobalt interior page tempalte Cobalt page editor

1: Banner Image

  • Pages > Edit Page > Featured Image
  • Preferred image size: 3000 x 1120 pixels

2: Sidebar

  • Pages > Edit Page > Sidebar
  • Displays page hierarchy, if parent and child pages have been indicated
  • Can be enabled or disabled

3: WYSIWYG Content

  • Pages > Edit Page
  • Controls the page’s content
  • Style using the Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.
  • Styles available in the formatting toolbar