Additional Features

Theme Options

Cobalt has built-in additional features that allow you to customize your site even further. If you choose to use any of the following features, do so purposefully to help communicate your message.

Call to Action 

Call to Action closed example   Call to Action expanded example

To edit your site’s Call to Action, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options. The Call to Action appears as an orange tab on the left side of the header image and can be enabled or disabled. If you choose to enable the CTA, you provide the Title and Content. As it says in the name, this feature is meant to encourage the user to take action in some way. This is a good place to display quick links, upcoming deadlines, or a special announcement. Keep the content short and sweet.


Example of Calendar feature

You must have Show News and Events on Front Page checked under Appearance > Customize in order for the Upcoming Events to appear on the homepage. To edit the calendar, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options. The Calendar feature pulls content directly from SU’s events calendar and it can be customized based on event categories. The calendar feed will be located to the right of News & Headlines, but in order for it to appear, you must have at least one published post.

Featured Navigations

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.12.52 PM

Cobalt allows for two featured navigations on your homepage, in addition to the primary navigation. The header featured navigation appears below your header image. The footer featured navigation appears above your footer content. The pages or posts that you use in these navigations appear as cards, which pull the page/post’s thumbnail image, title, and subheading. Optionally, the card order may be controlled through Page Attributes > Order. Featured navigations are ideal for highlighting important pages that may not appear in your top navigation.

Adding a Card

To add a page or post to a featured navigation, navigate to the page/post editor and look for the Featured Nav panel on the right side. Check either Footer or Header. In the same panel, set a thumbnail image and create a subheading for the card. The subhead should be short because space is limited on the card. Make sure to test the card’s appearance on your homepage to ensure all information is visible.

Note: The Footer Featured Nav only displays the thumbnail image and subheading. The page title will not appear on the card, so the subheading should be more descriptive to make up for that.