Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get an Expressions site?

A: Expressions sites are available to anyone in the SU Community who has a NetID and password. If you’d like an Expressions Individual site, you should visit  and log in with your NetID and password. You will have your own space within seconds.

To create an Expressions Pro site, you must submit a request by sending an email to Many requests can be fulfilled via email, but sites with unique requirements or seeking design or other assistance typically require a meeting with a member of the Online Platforms group.

Q: Do I qualify for an Expressions Pro site?

A: Expressions Pro sites are intended for SU groups and departments. Typically, your Communications Department can help you figure out where your project fits in the web space and can help you request an Expressions Pro site, if necessary. If you’re looking to get started with an Expressions Pro site and you’re not sure whom in your college or department to contact, please contact and we can point you in the right direction.

Q: How do I follow the University guidelines on branding, accessibility, and mobile functionality?

A: Syracuse University has recently communicated new branding guidelines and a stronger commitment to both web accessibility and mobile best practices. More information can be found at . Online Platforms has developed a custom Syracuse University WordPress theme called Cobalt, which is offered to SU groups and departments to assist in meeting these new brand and functionality requirements. To request that the Cobalt theme be added to your site’s theme directory, please email

Q: Can someone help me organize and design my site?

A: When resources are available, Online Platforms is able to assist with site design, organization, and content migration. For more information, please contact

Q: Can I use the Cobalt theme on my Expressions site?

A: Cobalt is only available to SU groups and departments that have an Expressions Pro site. To request that the Cobalt theme be added to your site’s theme directory, please email

Q: Who do I contact if there’s an issue with my Expressions site?

A: For Expressions Individual sites, most issues can be self-resolved using the custom administrative tools available at . Common issue solutions include deactivating broken themes or plugins and making or restoring from a site backup.

For issues with Expressions Pro sites, please contact the site’s administrator. If you’re unsure who the site admins are or if you’re a site admin with an issue you can’t resolve, please let us know at

Q: How do I migrate my Cascade site to an Expressions WordPress site?

A: To request a new Expressions Pro site with the Cobalt theme activated on it, please contact your Communications Department or email

Q: How do I backup my WordPress data?

A: For Expressions Individual, please use the administrative tools at  to backup your site and restore your site from a backup. If you have issues with your site backups, you can contact us at

For Expressions Pro, Online Platforms maintains one week’s worth of daily backups of each site individually. In the event of a critical site-specific issue, please contact us at and let us know what site you have and, if possible, the last time you remember your site without the issue. We’ll do the best we can to recover your site while minimizing data loss.