Pro Site

Expressions Pro is aimed at SU departments, schools and colleges, and centers. Pro uses the same build as Expressions Individual—you control the content, themes, and plugins. Additionally, the Cobalt WordPress theme is available for Pro sites. Cobalt will give your content a look and feel consistent with the University’s current branding and main landing page.

When resources are available, Online Platforms is able to assist with site design, organization, and content migration. For more information please contact

How Expressions Pro Works

  1. Submit a request for a site by sending an email to Many requests can be fulfilled via email. Sites with unique requirements or seeking design or other assistance typically require a meeting with a member of the Online Platforms group.
  2. We will build (the ‘dev’ representing this as a development site). We will set up administrators for the site and allow the admins to add additional users as needed.
  3. Once the development site is ready to go live, a request is made to We will then copy the content from the dev site to It’s best to allow at least 24 hours for this step.