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May 13th, 2011

Expressions is a service that allows members of the SU Community to build a web site using WordPress. WordPress is a widely used web publishing tool that is both well documented and supported. Please visit for more information. With a SU Expressions WordPress site you can create a portfolio, a class or project blog, or a creative space with the style and content of your choosing.

By visiting and logging in with your netid and password you can have your own space within seconds. Enter a site title and description and your WordPress site is ready. Your site’s address will be Once you have your site you can install custom themes, experiment with plugins, and upload content.

A second option is Expressions Pro. Expressions Pro is aimed at groups and departments. Expressions Pro uses the same build as individual Expressions sites; you control the content, themes, and plugins. For Pro sites our SU “Cobalt” WordPress theme is optionally available which will give your content a look and feel consistent with the University’s main landing page.

While using WordPress as the content management system for your content does not give you the complete control to build a site from scratch as does our Cascade service, what WordPress will allow you to do is rapidly create professional content with a reduced commitment of resources. Please let us know if you would like to see examples of stylish and effective sites that other SU Community members have created.

When resources are available, Online Platforms is also able to assist with site design and organization, for more information please contact

How Expressions Pro works:

1. Submit a request for a site by sending an email to Many requests can be fulfilled via email. Sites with unique requirements or seeking design or other assistance typically require a meeting with a member of the Online Platforms group.

2. We will build (the dev representing this is a development site). We will create an admin for the site and allow the admins to create additional users as needed.

3. Once the development site is ready to go live, a request is made to We will create and migrate the content from the dev site over. It’s best to allow at least 24 hours for this step.

Additional information on Expressions is available at the ITS Answers Knowledge Base (Expressions on Answers).

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