Online Platforms


May 14th, 2011

Our SU Frevvo service is an implementation of Freevo’s online forms software that allows anyone in the SU community to create dynamic forms that can be distributed via email or embedded in a web page. The resulting information can be collected by email, spreadsheet, or a variety of other methods and formats.

Features of Frevvo include:

  • Your forms are hosted on the SU Frevvo server
  • Ability to create web based dynamic forms from your browser
  • Use of web standards (XHTML, CSS, Javascript) for maximum compatibility
  • Sophisticated layouts – collapsible sections, tabbed views, multi-column layouts
  • Zero coding: drag/drop to create workflows
  • Built-in email notifications
  • Automatic data validation
  • Attachment support

If you would like to start collecting information, whether it be as a survey or as an input to an automated workflow please request an account:.

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